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Who is P. Marie?

P. Marie is a Certified Coach with certifications in Relationship Coaching, Goal Success, Life Coaching, Confidence Coaching and Motivational Mindset and Business.  My mission is to help you peel the layers back to get to the root of the problem whatever that may be. Then together we will work towards nourishing your soul to help balance your life. I provide support and guidance as a Life Coach and Relationship Coach to help transform the issues that stand in the way of you achieving a specific outcome. These same concepts can help those who are dating and can't seem to get out of the Friend Zone. I also offer Retreats for the clients that I work with. This allows you to connect with others who are on a similar journey, fellowship and celebrate your growth with those most important to you.

How is Coaching different from Therapy?

Coaching is distinct from traditional therapy because it is not designed to address psychological issues. While emotional issues may arise, my primary focus is to help you identify your goals, achieve them and develop constructive habits and skills. There is very little emphasis placed on the past, instead we focus on creating what you want now and in the near future. If you have gone through something that requires help with healing and moving forward, then we will identify those issues of the past so we can put them behind you and start a new chapter. 

What you can expect

Each session is tailored to the client and varies based on individual needs. We will start out getting to the root of the problem and finding out what exactly you wish to accomplish. My approach is direct and straight forward. Afterwards we will create a plan to achieve your goals. Periodically, I will give you assignments to help direct your progress. We will work together through the obstacles to achieve your desired outcome. We can schedule weekly sessions, bi weekly or daily depending on your needs and the results you plan to achieve. You are no longer left alone to deal, I will coach you through and be your lifeline if needed.

Is coaching with P. Marie confidential?

What we discuss will be held in confidence and not shared with others. However, our discussions are not privileged for legal purposes. The privilege of confidentiality that exists for the clergy, therapists and attorneys is not granted to coaching professionals. With that being said, Coaching with P. Marie is a confidential process and your personal information will always be protected. You have nothing to worry about!

Upcoming Retreats


Recharge & Revive Women's Retreat

                  (SOLD OUT)

Spend 3 days doing sunrise yoga and meditations, motivational mindset activities and more. Customize your experience.

Sept. 2. 2020

Meditate and Manifest Women's Retreat


Spend 3 to 5 days manifesting your goals and bringing your vision to life. Retreats are customizable.

October 2. 2020

Lover's In Training Couple's Retreat

Spend 3 - 5 days rekindling that flame. Enjoy activities together to bridge your love and strengthen your relationship.

Nov. 6.2020